Sadly, that nose-faucet comparison ends there. If only my nose could also develop an on/off handle, like an actual faucet, maybe I wouldn’t mind so much.

It’s mid-August, school will be starting in less than a month, and I have a runny nose. It’s not a good thing. I’m hoping that it’s just seasonal allergies and not the onset of a two-week long cold — I do NOT want to be sick when classes commence. In fact, I can’t be sick at all — there’s so much I still have to do in these remaining weeks of summer, and so much I will have to do when school reopens.

I would have chicken soup tonight, except, well, there’s no chicken, carrots, or potatoes at home. And there’s still a huge pot of stew that was cooked this afternoon.

They say kimchi helps a cold. So, I’m going to make sure I have some of my awesome kimchi tonight…which reminds me, I shall post my recipe for it up soon. Maybe tonight.