There is never a time when I can actually blog properly.

Where I live, I’m constantly surrounded by chatter and distracting noises — my parents talking, the news broadcaster yapping away, the people living upstairs running around and causing a ruckus. Honestly, it is all I can do sometimes to not scream at the top of my lungs to tell everything to give me just one minute of peace and quiet.

I can’t think with the noise. I can’t think right now either — I was writing another blog post, but no matter how I phrased things, nothing sounded right. The only reason I can write this right now is probably because this is the only topic that has a strong enough grasp on my mind… Not a good thing, of course, since it’s likely raising my stress levels.

Let’s just hope my ideas, ability to write, and some quiet time rendezvous soon. I didn’t start this blog just to have it wither away into digital dust.