Not until yesterday did I truly understand the torment of losing a USB flash drive.

I haven’t been using my USB drive recently, since, without school, I don’t really have any files to move around. So, when I decided to clean out my drive last night, I realized that I had no clue where my drive was. I checked all the obvious places — near my computer, in my bags/pockets, my miscellaneous bundle of headphones/USB cables/camera chargers — but I just couldn’t find it. While I did have most of my files backed up to my computer, there were still some new files on it. Granted, they weren’t that important, but still, I disliked the fact that I didn’t know whose hands my files were in, and that I would need to hurry and buy a new drive before school started. I went to sleep with my head in my hands, trying to think of where I could’ve placed it.

I woke up today, as clueless as the night before. I went through my belongings again, looked under furniture, and even cracked open the huge, imposing vacumn my parents use. Search yielded no results, except for a bundle of hair and dust that threatened to give me a sneeze attack.

I gave up on searching. Temporarily. I knew the drive had to be at home, because I hadn’t taken it out anywhere. My biggest worry was that I threw it out accidentally with other junk during my recent cleaning spree. I tried not to think about that — the thought that other people could be reading my files (mostly old school work, but still) was not particularly comforting.

In the end, I discovered that my USB was hiding under the cover for my Yamaha keyboard. I probably left it there when I was cleaning out my other shelves. Jeez. Never again am I going to put my USB in random places, even if I’m carrying three boxes of junk at once and have my path blocked by a pile of papers.

Interestingly enough, while I was randomly surfing the internet, I found a comic by PHD Comics on the stages of data loss. I think I really did get to stage 4: I was considering looking up where USB drives were on sale this week.