I’m usually pretty fond of Metro Newspaper — it gives me something to do during my long subway ride home from class. Whether it’s Sudoku or catching up on yesterday’s news, even if it’s not particularly entertaining, having my nose stuck inside a copy of Metro is better than blankly staring at the person sitting opposite from me.

However, the first thing Metro did today was disappoint me, because it slandered the very awesome Monty Python production, Spamalot.

Not intentionally though, I hope. I’m sure they made a reference to the Monty Python production in their article about a Facebook spammer to catch readers’ attention. If anything, it should testify to the great impact of Spamalot. (An aside: Did you know? They now have Spamalot in South Korea too! :D With Super Junior’s Yesung as Sir Galahad!)

From Metro Newspaper (Toronto, October 6, 2010). Why the unrelated reference to Spamalot?But still. It is not polite use a phrase that’s related to a completely different concept in such a negative way. I do not want to hear that my dancing, Spam-eating knights are facing a $1 billion fine for posting penis enlargement ads. Just. No. Please.

Sir Lancelot, stop dancing; it’s time to take the modern press to court.