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I have a headache right now, but I thought I might as well write something in order to…well, not neglect my blog again.

Life has been extremely busy lately. Yeah, it’s only the third week of the second semester, but everything seems to require more work than last semester. O.o Furthermore, I’ve delved back into the awesome world of web design \o/ for both the linguistic department’s student union and the moral development lab of which I’m a part of. Web design and coding in CSS/XHTML has taken a lot longer than I expected, probably because I haven’t written any code whatsoever in the past two years. >.> Basically, these past couple of weeks have been a crash course in coding. (I’m not complaining though; it has been great to just DESIGN again, instead of memorizing terms from textbooks. Also, CSS3 is TOTALLY AWESOME. Go text-shadow!)

Besides that, there’s also a lot of other stuff going on. But yeah.

Excuse me while I go take a walk. Hopefully, some fresh air will clear my head.


Earlier last week, I went to browse around Chapters and happened to come across this very cute USB hub man by Kikkerland:

Adorable USB hub man by Kikkerland. Sadly, it's not fully functional on my computers.His smiley face was irresistible, and since I had a Chapters gift card to spend, I decided to take him home with me.

I just released him from his plastic trappings today. He has a long USB cord that extends from his head. As soon as I plugged him into my computer, his green indicator light (his heart?) lit up immediately. Awwh.

Everything seemed to go smoothly as I extended his arms with two of my USB flash drives. Files were easily and quickly read. Then, I decided to plug my MP3 player into the his leg… And it read that too. At first. But after a minute, my MP3 player disappeared from “My Computer” and there was no way to access it.

I reasoned that, even if it failed to work with my electronic devices, it would be still great if it could handle four flash drives. So, I took out my MP3 player and stuck two flash drives into the two remaining ports. They were read, and the windows asking me what action I wanted to take regarding each drive popped up, but seconds later, all four of my USB drives plugged into the little guy were unaccessible! It was as if I disconnected all the drives; they were not being read at all. Unplugging any two USB drives, though, allowed the remaining two drives to be immediately read.

And so my fifteen-minute affair with a smiley USB guy ends in tragedy. It’s a shame that I’ll have to return him, not only because he’s adorable and that going back to Chapters is inconvenient, but because he would have rendered fumbling blindly around the back of my processor for hidden, dusty USB ports unnecessary.

Well, it was nice knowing you, USB hub man. You and your cute green heart.

One good thing about large Chinese supermarkets is that they often have a “hot, prepared foods” section. This is where they prepare and sell vast quantities of fried rice, steamed buns, soups, stir-fried dishes, and many different types of dim sum. And, if you go later in the day when it is near closing time, they usually put whatever food they have left out on sale to get rid of it all.

It’s not often that I like the stuff that comes out on sale in the evening, since it’s usually the stuff that doesn’t sell as well. But yesterday, they had small tubs of 낙지볶음 (nakji bokkeum) on the sale table, and I could not resist but take one. I had not tried it before, but I did know that it was a Korean side dish, and since I’ve so far liked all the Korean side dishes that I’ve tried, I was pretty confident that my $2 would be well-spent. Furthermore, I had no qualms about eating tiny octopuses in a spicy sauce (낙지볶음 is basically stir-fried octopus); being from a seafood-loving family, I’ve consumed octopus (and squid!) countless times.

I don’t usually eat much rice, but I did last night, because those octopuses (or octopii?) were just so good. They were a bit too salty and spicy to be eaten alone in large amounts, but that is perfectly balanced out by a small bowl of rice. I have to say, while Koreans may have to wash a lot of dishes after every meal (they serve a lot of side dishes in ADDITION to a main dish, and everyone has their own separate bowls for rice too), they certainly have found out how to make bland rice really tasty.

The 낙지볶음 was so good that my parents and I consumed the entire box before I remembered to take a picture of it for this post first! What  a shame. However, it did look something like this, except it was slathered with generous amounts of sesame seeds and sesame oil, and it was accompanied with some crunchy, julienned carrots and pickled daikon radishes:

낙지볶음 (nakjibokkeum), stir-fried octopus. A spicy and very tasty Korean side dish.

Gosh, just writing about it makes me hungry for some 낙지볶음 right now. Maybe I’ll go get some more tonight.

(Image courtesy of

It’s been a really long time since I’ve had to wake up at 7 AM. I used to do so every day during high school, but since university started, I’ve been waking up at all hours of the day except for 7 AM. My schedule never demanded it, and so it never happened.

However, I have an early class on Mondays this semester that demands that I wake up at 7 AM or else be late. While I probably won’t be enjoying eating breakfast before sunrise in the coming weeks because it will eventually lose its novelty, nostalgia currently telling me that it’s great to have your alarm clock send shockwaves through you at seven in the morning.

So, please excuse me as I must go pack my stuff and get ready for class!

After sulking through a green Christmas and an abnormally warm New Year’s Eve, we finally received real snow this past Friday evening. By real snow, I mean, “snow that doesn’t melt as soon as it comes in contact with asphalt.” In fact, we had what looked like a good foot of snow.

By Saturday afternoon, I could not resist; I donned my clunky snow boots and went outside for a walk.

What surprised me was all the snow that was left untouched. Perhaps it’s because I grew up in an age where Internet and video games were too costly or not as widespread, but when I was a kid, if you went out to play in the afternoon after a snowstorm last night, there would no longer be any fresh snow for you to play in. This was especially true during the weekends, when kids would literally just wake up, eat breakfast, and run outside to frolick in the snow. I was and still am a night owl at heart, so by the time I got outside, I had a hard time to find a perfect canvas of snow to make snow angels in.

Not yesterday though. There were plains and plains of marshmallowy snow everywhere, and while I was decidedly hesitant about plopping down and rolling around in it, I had no qualms about trampling all of it. I’m pretty sure I got weird stares when I was walking in the untouched snow drifts on either side of the cleanly shovelled and salted sidewalks, but hey, they should be thankful; I’m clearing snow for people who feel like jaywalking and those who need to get their snow-buried cars!

I have not had chocolate candy bars for a long time.

There was a time when I stuffed my face with cookies and Tim Bits (doughnut holes from Canadian coffee shop Tim Hortons, for those who don’t know), but that stopped when I started caring about my health and weight in general.

So when I decided to take a walk down my gustatory memory lane today by enjoying a Coffee Crisp bar, let’s just say I had a knock-out punch from the deathly amount of sugar packed in that 50 gram bar.

A Coffee Crisp chocolate bar. A wafer containing coffee creme surrounded by a thin layer of chocolate. However, I only tasted the sugar.How on earth did I enjoy these things in the past? Really, you can’t taste anything besides the sugar! Sure, there’s that hint of coffee goodness, and a suggestion that there is actually chocolate somewhere in the coating, but the first thing that hit me was the sugar. Halfway through the bar, I didn’t even want to finish it — a shocking statement from someone who loves her chocolate and sweet things so much.

Perhaps I’ve been sensitized to large amounts of sugar since I’ve stopped regularly consuming junk food, or maybe it’s because I’ve grown to like dark chocolate too much to revert to candy bars. In any case, I don’t think I’ll be having another Coffee Crisp (or any candy bar, in fact) for a very long time.

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Yay, I got another surprise from WordPress’ Fun Mode!

This time, it was a pop-up headed by “Good Job!” followed by this video:

I’m not sure what that video is of… Perhaps it’s from the 2008 Beijing Olympics? :S That’s the only possibility I can think of right now.

Korean girl group 시크릿 (Secret) just released their new single, “Shy Boy” today! While I like some of their other songs more, “Shy Boy” is nonetheless catchy and seems to have found semi-permanent lodging in my brain already. Perhaps it’s because of the bouncy, 1920s swing-inspired beats?

The MV seems to be a mishmash of a lot of stuff, with nothing really unique tossed in. The choreography is somewhat similar to that of some of their previous singles; the colours and backdrops are reminiscent of 이효리’s (Lee Hyori) “U-Go-Girl” MV; and the story and costumes remind me of the awesome 1978 movie, Grease. (Yes, I admit; I’ve seen that movie several times. I couldn’t help the fact that it was always on TV!) In any case, it’s still fun eye-candy, and it brings back fond memories of “Grease Day”, for those who know what I’m talking about.

I can’t wait until Monday.

My university is teasing me with little things right now that I can probably only get my hands on until next week.

For one, Blackboard (the web application where all our courses are hosted) interestingly shows an announcement regarding an assignment for a half-year course I’m starting this coming semester:

A link to an assignment that I will be getting once my Intro to Social Psych course starts this coming semester...

But when I click on it, I get this lovely message:

...which only gives me this frustrating message. Must wait for probably at least another 5 days (120 hours!) for this mysterious assignment to be revealed to me.

That I have this announcement even though this course hasn’t been added to my Blackboard account yet makes the suspense even worse. I know it’s just an assignment (which I will most likely complain about doing, once classes start), but still. I WANT TO KNOWW. Preferably now.

The other tease is that I have a graded report waiting for me to pick it up on campus…and yet, I won’t be on campus until Monday, so I have to sit out  five more painful, excruciating days of tearing my hair out while wondering how I did on it.

GAH! T__T Must. Distract. Self!

Happy new year, everybody! I hope 2011 goes smoothly and brings greater happiness to all!

* * *

So you may have noticed that I’m finally back after, er, quite a long hiatus. In fact, the site is also back on “Public” after being set to “Private” for a long time. In a nutshell, it was that way because I had been playing with the settings and didn’t change everything back to what they should be. In any case, there weren’t really any updates during that period of time, but I do apologize if the sudden absence of the blog was upsetting. >.<”

I will make no promises about frequent updates for now, but… I shall try. After all, it is time for New Year Resolutions and such, isn’t it?

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