The Cereal Eater is an university student traipsing around in a very small area in Canada. She constantly argues with herself about the amount of information she posts online about herself — it’s too much, it’s too little. She likes a well-written biography, but at the same time, she can’t help but feel paranoid about being potentially stalked.

Well, I guess that’s what she has to deal with if she decides to run a blog, right?

A cautious adventurer, the Cereal Eater is a web designer and writer who has tiptoed into the wondrous lands of psychology and linguistics. She is not sure what she has gotten herself into, and for that reason, she regularly takes refuge in the safety of her few (but close) friends and her old school. She dearly hopes that doing a 360 in her career path will take her to somewhere even better than where she could’ve headed.

Between commuting to school, taking care of this blog (hopefully), and trying to act normal and extraordinary at the same time, the Cereal Eater enjoys running a few miles a day, dreaming up new recipes, making origami, watching Korean dramas and reality shows, trying to optimize things that can’t be optimized, doing mad things with her friends, letting the rain fall on her face, learning Korean, taking apart old electronics, and, of course, eating cereal and milk in massive quantities.

Feel free to contact her by sending her an email at, or by leaving a comment on any of her blog posts.