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One of my best friends recently wrote me a letter, and since then, I’ve been reflecting.

I’m truly thankful for having met such great people in my life. People who have put up with my flaws, mostly without question, time and time again, despite all the frustrations I’ve probably inflicted upon them. And I’m sure I don’t make much sense to most people — I don’t make sense to myself sometimes, either — but, I’m trying to not be so…well, wishy-washy. (Yeah, that’s a word I don’t think I’ve ever used before. I even feel weird typing it. But, it was the only word I had in mind at the moment, due to a particularly salient example from my Semantics class. >.<“)

So, I hope you know who you are when I say to you now: Sorry, and thank you.


I have a headache right now, but I thought I might as well write something in order to…well, not neglect my blog again.

Life has been extremely busy lately. Yeah, it’s only the third week of the second semester, but everything seems to require more work than last semester. O.o Furthermore, I’ve delved back into the awesome world of web design \o/ for both the linguistic department’s student union and the moral development lab of which I’m a part of. Web design and coding in CSS/XHTML has taken a lot longer than I expected, probably because I haven’t written any code whatsoever in the past two years. >.> Basically, these past couple of weeks have been a crash course in coding. (I’m not complaining though; it has been great to just DESIGN again, instead of memorizing terms from textbooks. Also, CSS3 is TOTALLY AWESOME. Go text-shadow!)

Besides that, there’s also a lot of other stuff going on. But yeah.

Excuse me while I go take a walk. Hopefully, some fresh air will clear my head.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve had to wake up at 7 AM. I used to do so every day during high school, but since university started, I’ve been waking up at all hours of the day except for 7 AM. My schedule never demanded it, and so it never happened.

However, I have an early class on Mondays this semester that demands that I wake up at 7 AM or else be late. While I probably won’t be enjoying eating breakfast before sunrise in the coming weeks because it will eventually lose its novelty, nostalgia currently telling me that it’s great to have your alarm clock send shockwaves through you at seven in the morning.

So, please excuse me as I must go pack my stuff and get ready for class!

After sulking through a green Christmas and an abnormally warm New Year’s Eve, we finally received real snow this past Friday evening. By real snow, I mean, “snow that doesn’t melt as soon as it comes in contact with asphalt.” In fact, we had what looked like a good foot of snow.

By Saturday afternoon, I could not resist; I donned my clunky snow boots and went outside for a walk.

What surprised me was all the snow that was left untouched. Perhaps it’s because I grew up in an age where Internet and video games were too costly or not as widespread, but when I was a kid, if you went out to play in the afternoon after a snowstorm last night, there would no longer be any fresh snow for you to play in. This was especially true during the weekends, when kids would literally just wake up, eat breakfast, and run outside to frolick in the snow. I was and still am a night owl at heart, so by the time I got outside, I had a hard time to find a perfect canvas of snow to make snow angels in.

Not yesterday though. There were plains and plains of marshmallowy snow everywhere, and while I was decidedly hesitant about plopping down and rolling around in it, I had no qualms about trampling all of it. I’m pretty sure I got weird stares when I was walking in the untouched snow drifts on either side of the cleanly shovelled and salted sidewalks, but hey, they should be thankful; I’m clearing snow for people who feel like jaywalking and those who need to get their snow-buried cars!

Happy new year, everybody! I hope 2011 goes smoothly and brings greater happiness to all!

* * *

So you may have noticed that I’m finally back after, er, quite a long hiatus. In fact, the site is also back on “Public” after being set to “Private” for a long time. In a nutshell, it was that way because I had been playing with the settings and didn’t change everything back to what they should be. In any case, there weren’t really any updates during that period of time, but I do apologize if the sudden absence of the blog was upsetting. >.<”

I will make no promises about frequent updates for now, but… I shall try. After all, it is time for New Year Resolutions and such, isn’t it?

I’m usually pretty fond of Metro Newspaper — it gives me something to do during my long subway ride home from class. Whether it’s Sudoku or catching up on yesterday’s news, even if it’s not particularly entertaining, having my nose stuck inside a copy of Metro is better than blankly staring at the person sitting opposite from me.

However, the first thing Metro did today was disappoint me, because it slandered the very awesome Monty Python production, Spamalot.

Not intentionally though, I hope. I’m sure they made a reference to the Monty Python production in their article about a Facebook spammer to catch readers’ attention. If anything, it should testify to the great impact of Spamalot. (An aside: Did you know? They now have Spamalot in South Korea too! :D With Super Junior’s Yesung as Sir Galahad!)

From Metro Newspaper (Toronto, October 6, 2010). Why the unrelated reference to Spamalot?But still. It is not polite use a phrase that’s related to a completely different concept in such a negative way. I do not want to hear that my dancing, Spam-eating knights are facing a $1 billion fine for posting penis enlargement ads. Just. No. Please.

Sir Lancelot, stop dancing; it’s time to take the modern press to court.

i suddenly had the craving for a jos louis.

totally random.

i was taking notes on the “no-crossing branches constraint” for my syntax course, and all of a sudden, i had a faint impression of the taste of a jos louis in my mouth.

(well, actually, not in my mouth. the sensation of taste is experienced in your brain; we just think it’s in our mouth, because it seems logical to us that the sensation would be caused by whatever we just shoved into our oral cavity.

in any case, the fact that i tasted a cream-filled chocolate cake with a hardened  milk chocolate shell without actually having such a delectable concoction in my mouth is proof enough that taste is an illusion by the brain.)


especially because i haven’t eaten a jos louis in years. (or maybe not especially so. perhaps time has made me miss it unconsciously.)

back to the wonderful world of mathematically describing the structure of sentences.

Today I discovered that engineering students who find their calling too difficult often switch to psychology.

Does that mean my department is full of students who don’t care to work hard enough to do what they originally wanted to do?


Of course, switching out because you really can’t handle the work is perfectly fine. I understand that engineering may be a lot more complicated than expected. And not all engineering students who switch end up in psych. That was just a generalization one of my classmates told me. But, switching because you don’t want to work is not okay. It is also not okay to think of the psych department as a dump of bird courses (although they would definitely be easier compared to the average engineering course).

I suppose I’m just frustrated because I met a lot of people from my psych courses today who are complete slackers, but still want to get a 4.0 GPA and go to med school. They skip lectures, they don’t read, and they rely on bell curving to save them. The most annoying part of it is that they actually are saved by bell curving (and possibly the luck of having overly lenient TAs). So while I actually earn my grade, they do nothing and still receive good marks.

Honestly. The system needs to change. It’s too easily corrupted.

I spent a good part of the afternoon with a headache today, thanks to my lengthy quest to find used textbooks before classes begin on Monday.

I had stayed up late the night before, crawling book exchange sites, craigslist, and Google, trying to find sellers that I could actually meet without driving 300 km and offer me books that weren’t falling apart. I emailed half of them last night, and then the rest this morning… And I spent the rest of the time either replying to emails or calling up other sellers.

However, the most trying part of the entire search was keeping track of who offered which book at what price, and would meet me at what time and place. You have no idea how confusing it is when you’re messaging seven different people from four different (but nearby) cities about three unfamiliar books — Who was selling that book about phonetics again? Wait, was she the one from that city or that one…or did she say she could come to my campus to meet me? Did anyone I contacted about that personality theory book even reply to me yet? I can’t remember…

This, plus waiting anxiously for people to reply to me (so that I can decide whether I should meet seller A or B, because they either offer different prices or could possibly get the book to me sooner than the other person), resulted in a very jumpy and stressed cereal eater. (I should note that I was absent-mindedly snacking on cereal while writing all my emails.)

It didn’t help that I was also stuck in a traffic jam after contacting my potential sellers too. Especially since I was in a rush to get to my university’s bookstore before it closed to buy a stats textbook, which I could not buy used (darned access code).

But it seems like my book exchange dates are set now, so all I can do is hope for my sellers to turn up and have the proper book in hand… And that I have enough money to actually pay for the pile of overpriced papers.

Not until yesterday did I truly understand the torment of losing a USB flash drive.

I haven’t been using my USB drive recently, since, without school, I don’t really have any files to move around. So, when I decided to clean out my drive last night, I realized that I had no clue where my drive was. I checked all the obvious places — near my computer, in my bags/pockets, my miscellaneous bundle of headphones/USB cables/camera chargers — but I just couldn’t find it. While I did have most of my files backed up to my computer, there were still some new files on it. Granted, they weren’t that important, but still, I disliked the fact that I didn’t know whose hands my files were in, and that I would need to hurry and buy a new drive before school started. I went to sleep with my head in my hands, trying to think of where I could’ve placed it.

I woke up today, as clueless as the night before. I went through my belongings again, looked under furniture, and even cracked open the huge, imposing vacumn my parents use. Search yielded no results, except for a bundle of hair and dust that threatened to give me a sneeze attack.

I gave up on searching. Temporarily. I knew the drive had to be at home, because I hadn’t taken it out anywhere. My biggest worry was that I threw it out accidentally with other junk during my recent cleaning spree. I tried not to think about that — the thought that other people could be reading my files (mostly old school work, but still) was not particularly comforting.

In the end, I discovered that my USB was hiding under the cover for my Yamaha keyboard. I probably left it there when I was cleaning out my other shelves. Jeez. Never again am I going to put my USB in random places, even if I’m carrying three boxes of junk at once and have my path blocked by a pile of papers.

Interestingly enough, while I was randomly surfing the internet, I found a comic by PHD Comics on the stages of data loss. I think I really did get to stage 4: I was considering looking up where USB drives were on sale this week.

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