So I think, after two days of running around, experimental cereal has finally settled down.


I had a hard time deciding where to host this blog — on  Blogger? Each had its distinct advantages and disadvantages. Blogger was basic, and its interface for comments and profiles were, to be honest, not too attractive. didn’t allow theme customization, and the entire site was sometimes quite slow. AwardSpace… Well, this entire blog was set up there for about a day, when I realized that Akismet can’t be deployed with that host. And any WordPress user knows that without Akismet, your blog will be eaten alive by spammers sooner or later.

So now I’m on 000webhost. I’m not sure how long I’ll be here either, since they had several hours of MySQL downtime this morning. I’ll try to find a better alternative, but I think I’ll be stuck here for now.