Angelina Jolie stars as Evelyn Salt, a CIA officer, in the new espionage thriller, Salt. While Salt is interviewing a Russian defector, it is revealed to the CIA that a KGB sleeper agent named Evelyn Salt is planning to assassinate the Russian president when he visits the United States. Salt, of course, states that this isn’t true, but when she starts running away, the CIA can’t help but decide to hunt her down.

The whole movie proceeds from there, with high-speed car chases, guns, bombs, and loads of hand-to-hand fighting — exactly what we expect from Jolie. There is never a bored moment due to the adrenaline rush you get as you cheer her on for being able to evade capture and death…but as the movie continues, you begin to wonder: Which side is she on? For she seems to help both the CIA and the KGB. Did she not just celebrate with that KGB gang? Wasn’t she running away from that US Counterintelligence agent? But, the endless action keeps these questions somewhat at bay, and you decide to wait for everything to be explained later.

Things are explained later, in an exciting face-off between her and another CIA/KGB double agent whom she has known for a long time. And it would have probably been good for the movie to end there, for all the secrets to be revealed, and for Salt to return to whichever side she actually is on. However, the movie keeps going, and the ending shot is of Salt bruised and dripping wet, running through an empty forest in the dead of winter. You have to wonder: How on earth is Salt still going to survive? What is she going to do next? I mean, yes, she seems like she is very capable of making things work for herself, but honestly, it doesn’t seem possible for her to survive given her situation.

Final verdict? Lots of fast, furious fun, but ending that makes your head hurt. I’m not particularly a fan of action movies, so that from me is actually a great review. Watch it for the action and the well-executed stunts, enjoy the “which-side-is-she-on” debate, but forget about trying to make sense of Salt’s destiny beyond the movie.