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I’m usually pretty fond of Metro Newspaper — it gives me something to do during my long subway ride home from class. Whether it’s Sudoku or catching up on yesterday’s news, even if it’s not particularly entertaining, having my nose stuck inside a copy of Metro is better than blankly staring at the person sitting opposite from me.

However, the first thing Metro did today was disappoint me, because it slandered the very awesome Monty Python production, Spamalot.

Not intentionally though, I hope. I’m sure they made a reference to the Monty Python production in their article about a Facebook spammer to catch readers’ attention. If anything, it should testify to the great impact of Spamalot. (An aside: Did you know? They now have Spamalot in South Korea too! :D With Super Junior’s Yesung as Sir Galahad!)

From Metro Newspaper (Toronto, October 6, 2010). Why the unrelated reference to Spamalot?But still. It is not polite use a phrase that’s related to a completely different concept in such a negative way. I do not want to hear that my dancing, Spam-eating knights are facing a $1 billion fine for posting penis enlargement ads. Just. No. Please.

Sir Lancelot, stop dancing; it’s time to take the modern press to court.


I find it hard to believe that reversing on a highway is not as dangerous as driving in the opposite direction of the lane you’re in.

…Well, okay, based on physics, and probability, driving in the opposite direction should be more dangerous. After all, you would be driving faster if you were merely reversing your car, and so the force of the collision would be much more powerful. But what if we compared driving in the opposite direction on a 40 km/h road and reversing on a 100 km/h highway? Well, I’m not doing the math for that one now, but I would think that the latter would create a more devastating situation than the former.

Interestingly, the demerit points for reversing on highways is 2, while the points for driving in the opposite direction is 3. Hm. Aren’t violations scaled against the points system based on how dangerous they are to the general public? I’d have to say I’d be pretty freaked out if I nearly ran into some idiot who decided to reverse in the middle of an expressway. Perhaps the points for such a ridiculous crime should be increased by one… It’s likely no one will feel the effects of the raise, anyways — I’ve never heard nor seen of anyone backing up on the 401 yet.

We all know too well the feelings of frustration, annoyance, and madness that ensue when we are unable to escape walking behind someone who is moving at a snail’s pace — it may be an elderly person, someone yapping on their phone, or even worse, a whole group of chatty teenagers who refuse to use their boundless energy to walk just a tiny bit faster.

So, when I saw a man walking his dog leisurely today, I wondered: Do dogs ever get annoyed at their owners for walking too slowly? Obviously, dogs are capable of moving much faster than we can, so wouldn’t our (“fast”) walking speed be considered a slow crawl to them? It might be the reason why some dogs are always straining at their leashes, appearing as though they would prefer to be anywhere else but inching along beside their owners.

I am not saying that we should let dogs run leash-free so that they can (1) travel at a pace they are comfortable with, and (2) actually be able to exercise during their daily outings; in fact, I’m utterly scared of leash-free parks, because some dogs can be pretty violent (and pretty sudden in their revelation of their aggression, too). Instead, perhaps owners could take their dogs out for a “walk” while riding a bike, rollerblading, or jogging. I realize this isn’t possible for everyone, but if it is, then both the owner and the dog will get a much better workout.

(It’s quite odd; I didn’t mean for this post to be about changing people’s dog-walking habits. I meant merely to ponder the thoughts of the slowly-walked dog. But anyways, if that suggestion ends up being beneficial to dog owners, then I’m happy that I actually did something useful today.)

Updates: Okay. SO. I ended up sticking this blog on after all. 000webhost was actually pretty good for a while — all plugins worked, themes could be customized, the servers were fast. It was all great, until I discovered that they frequently restarted their MySQL servers, which resulted in my blog displaying a large, ugly, Times-New-Roman “Error connecting to database” sign several times a day, sometimes for over half an hour at a time. While I understand that their hosting service is free, having a blog that goes offline unpredictably is intolerable. So, I moved to AwardSpace, thinking I could install a CAPTCHA system to replace the unusable Akismet plugin… However, I discovered that AwardSpace refused (for some very, very odd reason) to display the plugins page! Jeez. At that moment, I gave up and imported everything over. Everything, except my custom theme, of course. But since my modified header looks pretty good, I’m not going to complain.

Well, hopefully not.

I’m studying for my driver’s handbook, and under the “Driver Distractions” section, it states that careless driving (which happens to include eating, drinking, reading, grooming, and using cell phones) can potentially land you six demerit points, six months in jail, and up to $1000 in fines. Oh, and your license might be suspended for two years too.

Talk about heavy handed in punishments.

Not that I like careless drivers. In fact, I’m the type who gets quite annoyed when I see drivers yapping on their phones or changing lanes without signalling. But, you know, it would really, REALLY be sad if you were driving home from a long workout at the gym, decided to take a small sip from a tetra box, and got thrown in jail for six months AND fined $1000.

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