I find it hard to believe that reversing on a highway is not as dangerous as driving in the opposite direction of the lane you’re in.

…Well, okay, based on physics, and probability, driving in the opposite direction should be more dangerous. After all, you would be driving faster if you were merely reversing your car, and so the force of the collision would be much more powerful. But what if we compared driving in the opposite direction on a 40 km/h road and reversing on a 100 km/h highway? Well, I’m not doing the math for that one now, but I would think that the latter would create a more devastating situation than the former.

Interestingly, the demerit points for reversing on highways is 2, while the points for driving in the opposite direction is 3. Hm. Aren’t violations scaled against the points system based on how dangerous they are to the general public? I’d have to say I’d be pretty freaked out if I nearly ran into some idiot who decided to reverse in the middle of an expressway. Perhaps the points for such a ridiculous crime should be increased by one… It’s likely no one will feel the effects of the raise, anyways — I’ve never heard nor seen of anyone backing up on the 401 yet.