G1: Achieved.
(I say it simply, but honestly, the process of getting it done was beyond horrid. I stood in line for nearly three hours to get my documents checked and waited another 45 minutes to get my vision tested. A combined total of ten minutes was spent waiting for my turn to write the test, and for them to mark my test. So, basically, of the four hours I spent at the DriveTest, only 20 minutes of it actually involved me doing something other than staring blankly at the walls. I’m just glad it’s done with.)

Able to drive: Uh… Well…

I annoyed my dad until he took me out to an empty parking lot to practice this evening. I wanted to start immediately, not only because I was giddy from having finally gotten a license, but because I don’t have much time left before school starts and essays start piling in again.

And let’s just say, after today, I have a real appreciation for anyone who can drive on downtown roads without bumping into anything. Actually, I have a real appreciation for anyone who can drive. Period.*

First, I could not believe how sensitive the gas pedal was. A small touch, and the car went lurching off as though drunk. And yet, if you don’t touch the pedal, the car can’t move. So, my driving was marked by random bursts and periods of slow drifting — probably a pretty laughable sight to the other person driving around the parking lot — practicing their perfect angled parking. >.> What a way to make a girl feel good.

Second, I always turned the wheel too much. A small movement is enough to make the car do a 90 degree turn, but I didn’t figure this out until my last lap around the lot (even though my dad had continually told me that throughout the whole lesson). So this, in addition to my over-steering, forgetting to brake before turning (I figured this out after maybe ten minutes, thankfully — otherwise, I might have actually crashed into something today!), and not letting the wheel recover meant that turning was a pretty scary business. Particularly scary was when I attempted a turn too late, and nearly turned into the curb! O.O Goodness. My dad took that opportunity to teach me how to reverse…which brings me to the third point:

Third, I cannot turn and reverse. (Yet.) My dad decided to finish off the lesson by getting me to reverse park a car. And while reversing straight is fine for me, reversing and turning right into a parking space is a total epic fail. The car went in at an embarassing angle. The front wheels weren’t straight. The only good thing about my parking was that I succeeded at not backing up into the hill behind us.

After that, I was done. And tired. I left the driver’s seat, a bit relieved that I somehow survived my first time controlling a metal box that can potentially kill, and climbed back into the comfort of the front passenger seat. It wasn’t until when my dad pressed on the gas pedal again and the car lightly jumped ahead to take us home that I realized how sensitized I had become to the car’s movement in one and a half hours — my heart leapt half a mile when my body told me, “The car. Is lurching. AGAIN! It’s your fault! Make this box stop!”

Oh my. I’m hoping things will go more smoothly the next time I go driving.

*Okay, technically, I know driving isn’t that hard, and that eventually I’ll be able to drive just as well as all these drivers I’m praising right now. But for someone who has only been behind the wheel for 1.5 hours, driving seems more difficult than writing a math exam…almost.