and then i stopped.

keeping up a website was too much work, especially since i had been using post2host services. and as i dropped out of the realm of blogging, i also fell out from messenger, facebook, and all of internet life in general.

so i lived three or four years as a shadow on the world wide web. caught in the sticky threads, but somehow able to slip between them and escape notice at the same time.

one day, as i was slipping between the dot coms and living networks called facebook and lifehacker, i realized that it was no fun living like a ghost in a place as alive and jumping as the internet. it’s called a network for a reason. it exists for us to thrive in. to touch the lives of others.

today, i spent the entire day, not studying for my driver’s license, not studying korean, but looking for a webhost and setting up a blog.

and now, i blog again.

(or at least, i hope to take up my calling once more.)