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It’s been a really long time since I’ve had to wake up at 7 AM. I used to do so every day during high school, but since university started, I’ve been waking up at all hours of the day except for 7 AM. My schedule never demanded it, and so it never happened.

However, I have an early class on Mondays this semester that demands that I wake up at 7 AM or else be late. While I probably won’t be enjoying eating breakfast before sunrise in the coming weeks because it will eventually lose its novelty, nostalgia currently telling me that it’s great to have your alarm clock send shockwaves through you at seven in the morning.

So, please excuse me as I must go pack my stuff and get ready for class!


and then i stopped.

keeping up a website was too much work, especially since i had been using post2host services. and as i dropped out of the realm of blogging, i also fell out from messenger, facebook, and all of internet life in general.

so i lived three or four years as a shadow on the world wide web. caught in the sticky threads, but somehow able to slip between them and escape notice at the same time.

one day, as i was slipping between the dot coms and living networks called facebook and lifehacker, i realized that it was no fun living like a ghost in a place as alive and jumping as the internet. it’s called a network for a reason. it exists for us to thrive in. to touch the lives of others.

today, i spent the entire day, not studying for my driver’s license, not studying korean, but looking for a webhost and setting up a blog.

and now, i blog again.

(or at least, i hope to take up my calling once more.)

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